Mods Hiding the Light 1.6.4

First, craft a wand.
Then, Use it on any surface (Shift-Right-Click on chests and things.) It will create a light source in midair without a nasty torch in the way.

Change your mind?Just place another block in it's place to extinguish the light.

Do you hate torches? Are you tired of trying to hide glowstone blocks? I've got the Mod for you!
This mod adds very little to the game.A wand that places Light without the need for torches.That's it. I made it as simple as possible.You can edit Item/Block IDs in the config file.Hopefully this opens up your world to a torch-free existence.I eagerly await your input as this is the first mod I have released.THANK YOU!travi1997, for helping me figure out BlockID ranges.darkevilmac, for getting me on the right track with my light source.

Change log
ver 1.4 Added option to adjust light level in config at the suggestion of Sigma85 on Minecraftforums.
ver 1.3 Updated to 1.6.4, changed sound to be more magical, and added different repair recipes for hardcore and normal modes (config option)
ver 1.2 Changed the glow air to green so it doesn't butcher most minimaps. (suggestion by "Dis iz Chris")added the ability to repair the wand in an anvil with glowstone blocks. (Original plan)
ver 1.1Added Hardcore option in config.Added new Icon in config (Defaults to true (new Icon) change to false if you like the old Icon better.Added higher durability in config

Credits: Count_Chuckula

Install:Requires MinecraftForge.Just drop the zip in your mods folder
Minecraft mods 1.6.4:  Hiding the Light


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