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Unique Ores This is an ores mod created with the purpose to add ores, "Unique" ores if you will, that I have rarely seen in any other updated mods. It also adds a couple of machines and decoration blocks to expand your Minecraft experience.

Installing Forge:

1. Look for the latest recommended forge build for 1.6.2 here.2. Click the download link to the right that says Installer.3. Save the installer and run it.4. Install client should already be selected, so click install.5. When it finishes, go to your windows search bar and type in %appdata%6. You should then see a folder called .minecraft. Click on it.7. go to the versions folder in .minecraft that should have a folder in it that says Forge and a bunch of numbers.8. Create a new folder in the versions folder and name it whatever you want.9. Go inside of the Forge folder and copy the jar file and the json file.10. Go inside of the folder you created and paste the jar and the json inside.11. Rename the jar and the json to exactly what you named your new folder.12. Open the json file with a program like notepad or a .txt reader, and you should see a couple sets of quotation marks.13. In the second set, (the ones that should say Forge-blahblahblah inside of them) write the exact name of the folder that you created inside of them and erase the Forge part.14. Go to the launcher. Under the profiles section there should be a button that says "New Profile". Click it.15. Put whatever profile name you want to in the "Profile Name" part.16. In the "Use Version" bar, click the down arrow and you should see an option that says "release" whatever you named your new folder in .minecraft's version folder.17. Select that version, click done, and run your Minecraft while using the profile you just created. When it loads, you know you now have Forge. Yay.

Installing My Mods With Forge:

This is for people that already have Forge installed that want to install other mods.1. Click the download link for my mod on this forum, and it should send you to a dropbox site.2. Click "Download" under the dropbox file.3. Go to your .minecraft file at %appdata%.4. If you don't have a mods folder inside of your .minecraft, make one and open it.5. Drag, NOT extract, but drag and drop my file unopened into your mods folder.6. Go to the Minecraft launcher and play under your installed Forge profile.7. The mod should work! Have fun and be sure to give it feedback on the forums!

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Credits: MahTamato
Minecraft mods:
Unique Ores_Version 1.0.55_1.6.4
Unique Ores_Version 1.04_1.6.2


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