Minecraft mods 1.6.4 Smoke Monster

Have you ever wanted a giant column of black smoke added to Minecraft? Me neither. But I added one anyways! This Smoke Monster just happens to be from the show Lost. This mod also has items of Darkness then Redness then Whiteness (Tobuscus reference).

The Smoke Monster is, as you could have guessed, a giant monster made out of smoke. The Smoke Monster only lives in his own jungle biome (creatively called the Smoke Monster Biome) and cannot leave it. Anywhere from 0 to infinity Smoke Monsters can spawn in a Smoke Monster Biome, depending on the size of the biome. Where a Smoke Monster spawns a pool will form with a glowing stone in the middle, called the Heart of the Island. A Smoke Monster cannot be killed until its specific Heart of the Island is destroyed. They always spawn on the surface, just to make finding them easier. Throughout a Smoke Monster Biome are trees called Banyan trees. Going into a Banyan tree will make a Smoke Monster stop following you and go find a new target. A Smoke Monster will drop 3 Centers of Darkness, 2 of which can be used to make a Sword of Darkness, with the last one being able to be smelted into 3 Centers of Redness, which can be used to make a Pickaxe of Redness. Destroying the Heart of the Island with an iron pickaxe or better will grant you a Center of Whiteness, which can be crafted into an Apple of Whiteness. Descriptions of all the items are below.

These are just materials used to craft the Sword of Darkness, Pickaxe of Redness, and Apple of Whiteness.
 Sword of Darkness
This sword does 15 base damage. It also adds a few potion effects when hitting a mob/person. These are blindness, weakness, and slowness, all of which are level 5 and last 30 seconds.

Pickaxe of Redness
This pickaxe on its own is only as strong as a diamond pickaxe. When you craft it though, it adds on some enchantments. These are efficiency, fortune, and unbreaking all level 100. This pickaxe is so good that it just might kill you. Literally. It mines so fast that if you are digging down then you will destroy blocks under you before you touch them, causing you to take massive fall damage when you stop.

Apple of Whiteness
This is a golden apple on steroids. When eaten, it gives you regeneration 10 and absorption 24 for five minutes. The absorption give you an extra 50 hearts!

Credits: killerwaddledee

  • Download andinstallMinecraft Forge
  • Download the Smoke Monster Mod
  • Move the Smoke Monster Mod to the mods folder in your .minecraft folder
  • Play Minecraft!
Smoke Monster Mod (of Darkness/Redness/Whiteness) FORGE_SSP/SMP


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